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Massage and Menopause

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Massage and Menopause

     It could be that I am experiencing these symptoms myself or approaching the age of experiencing these symptoms that Menopause and Peri-menopause have been on my mind lately.  It is no coincidence that I am experiencing this at the same time that my daughter is now 13 years old and going through her own hormone shift.   Our home life can be a whirlwind some days, but gratefully we both end up laughing with each other by the end of the day of how dramatic we were both acting.


Some symptoms of Menopause that you may be experiencing is hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, bladder irritability or incontinence, emotional changes, dry skin, sleeplessness, and fuzzy brain.  (http://www.webmd.com/menopause/guide/premature-menopause) The list could go on and on and is based off our own hormonal imbalances and stress level.

One that I have been experiencing is the fuzzy brain.  There are days I feel ungrounded, no sense of direction or what I am supposed to do that day. I go through the day feeling like a robot repeating the same motions over again and not really connecting to myself, much less anyone else.  Let me tell you as a massage therapist these days are hugely challenging and the most upsetting.  My sole purpose and why I am here is to connect to clients and provide a certain level of connection for them to allow a healing process to occur.

I cannot tell you how many times I went home crying feeling as if I couldn’t do it that day.  You may be saying to yourself; “if that is how she feels then why would I see her as a massage therapist”. 

 I will tell you why; because I AM experiencing these things.  My having these symptoms allows me a deeper sense of what other women are experiencing and I can share things that I have tried or heard about that could help you during this process. 

For example; I found a great article on fuzzy brain and have started some of the suggestions they have made; like drinking Chaste Berry tea, checking in with my diet, and meditating more.  I have also increased the amount of times I receive a massage in the month to help keep my whole body, mind and spirit connected and centered.

Receiving massage during this time of transition can help with maintaining your stress levels, keep you balanced, give you an opportunity to connect with your body and ask what it needs, and talk to your therapist about what is going on for you.  They may have suggestions or resources you have not come across yet, that they could pass on to you.


During this time of transition be kind to yourself and love yourself even more. 
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